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Auto Insurance

We are proud to represent every carrier and each state to help the customer make the right buying decision to fit their needs.


Health Insurance

We are proud to represent every carrier and each state to help the customer make the right buying decision to fit their needs.


Life Insurance

If you died tomorrow who would handle your debt?  Where would your family live?  What would happen to you your business?  These are important thoughts. Get peace of mind and know your love ones won't have to worry about financial stress. .

Our Mission



We know insurance is a much needed and is essential to any family or individual. We provide peace of mind through our customer centered approach and the passion at which we do our job.

Improve Customer Experience

Our belief is to allow for a seamless and transparent process from beginning to end. We respect and value you and make sure our work is a testament of our values

Outperform Our Competition

Becoming your best option is our number #1 priority and how we do this is through our superior pricing. We aim to provide fair pricing that makes sense for both parties involved.

Zack Starkey  CEO/FOUNDER Insurance Gateway

Zack Starkey

CEO/FOUNDER Insurance Gateway

Zack Starkey

CEO Insurance Gateway

With over 10 Years servicing clients with their insurance needs Zack Starkey and his team have been the foundation for providing 100’s of people with confidence, peace of mind, and significant savings with the acquisition of Insurance.

Being exceptionally talented in helping to make complex issues easy to understand Zack helps to navigate his clients through any situation and provides the same knowledge he possesses to the partners that represent him as well.

With his determination and drive to make every customer satisfied and build solid relationships, he has become a solid foundation for many and looks forward to working with you.


Insurance Gateway took great care of me by being professional and knowing their products and services. They were able to give me an awesome rate on life insurance because they have relationships with the best insurance companies. 5 stars!
— Jack Fletcher
Working with Zack and Insurance Gateway was exactly what I needed. After searching for quite some time with unsuccessful quotes from other insurance companies Insurance Gateway was very responsive, punctual when meetings were set, and followed through on all my inquires. After saving hundreds of dollars on my health insurance compared to my other provided I will not be going anywhere. Thank you once again for the work you have done and do for all your customers.
— Timothy Lovern


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